the benefit of medical plant Jengger Ayam(Celosia cristata L.)

Generally, the medical plant jengger ayam in the yard and planted in the garden, is rarely found growing wild. This plant can be found from the lowlands until height of 1000 m above sea level. Herbaceous plant grows upright this season, 60-90 cm high, thick-trunked and strong, branching, grooved. Single leaf, stemmed, alternative locations. Leaves oval to elongated shape with a length of 5-12 cm, width 3.5 to 6, 5 cm, the tip pointed, base tapering, flat edge, bone pinnate, green color with a small red line in the middle of the leaf. Compound interest ear-shaped, fleshy thick, the top wide as the rooster's comb, double and branched, exit at the tip of the stem or leaf in the armpit, the color purple, red, dice, or yellow. Fruit box, oval, greenish red, cracked during cooking, there are two or more small seeds, black

Interest taste jengger ayam sweet, cool, astringent,
Curable Disease of the medical plant: with affinity to the liver and kidney meridians. Efficacious anti-inflammatory bleeding, stop (hemostatis), and explain the vision.

Composition of the medical plant : Flowers contain fatty oils, kaempferitrin, amaranthin, pinitol, whereas leaf saponins, flavonoids, and polyphenols.