the benefit of medical plant Gandarusa(Justicia gendarussa Burm. )

explanation from medical plant Gandarusa or Justicia gendarussa Burm.
shrub, usually grown as a live market or grow wild in the forest, river embankments or maintained as a medicinal plant. In Java grows at an altitude of 100-500 m. above sea level. Grow, could reach 2 m high, much branched from near the base of the stem. Young branches dark purple, and when the color brown to shiny. Leaves opposite position, a single oval leaf shape with a length of 50-20 cm, 1 to 3.5 cm wide, flat edge, leaf tips pointed, short-stemmed seed-shaped base between 5 - 7.5 mm, dark green leaf color. Small flowers white or colored dice arranged in series in the form of panicle / ear contract, hairy armpits and spreading out from the leaves or the tip of the shaft. The fruit is elliptic.medical plant gandarusa have In addition to black-trunked (more popular) there are also green-trunked.

benefit disease can be treated
1. Injury hit (bruising), bone fracture fracture).
2. Rheumatic joints.
3. Boils, ulcers, ulceration.

USAGE: 15 - 30 grams, boiled or ground and then squeezed and drunk the water. Bark is used to induce vomiting, the leaves can be used to kill insects.

EXTERNAL USE of this medical plant: Plant fresh crushed, stick place
which sakit.Tanaman fresh boiled water for washing.