the advantage of Daun Jintan(Plectranthus amboinicus (L.) Spreng.)

Medical plant (Plectranthus amboinicus (L.) Spreng.)or daun jinten for the name java indonesia.description
Shrub, Liana. Woody stems, soft, clenistye. Part of the wings on Earth will grow roots, young stems pale green. Leaves one, easily break, oval shape, thickness, edge of serrated, hairy, 6-7 cm long, 5-6 cm wide, reinforced by Cirrus, light-green color. Compound interest, form clots, violet form Bowl Crown. Part b. entire part of the medical plant.

Curable Disease of this medical plant:
neutralize, and purify the blood. NATURE SPECIAL Spicy, neutralize, and purify the blood. RESEARCH Ifiwati Wibowo, 1992. Faculty of Pharmacy, Widman. Supervisor: Dra. Dien Ariani L. and dr. Irwan S. Has conducted research Caraway leaves extract antibacterial power against gram-negative bacteria from patients with urinary tract infections. From the results of these studies, it turns out Caraway leaves extract can inhibit the growth of the bacterium E. coli starts concentration of 1.2 g / ml and the bacteria P. mirabilis starts concentration of 1.0 g / ml.

-Baby vomiting.
-Digestion is not good.
-Inflammation of the bladder.
-Sprue stomach.