the advantage medical plant Pecut Kuda(Stachytarpheta jamaicensis)

Terna annual medical plant, growing erect, ± 50 cm high, growing wild in suburban streets, vacant land that is not maintained. Leaves opposite location, oval shape, edges serrated, hairy. Flowers sit on the ear without a stalk-shaped whip buhr, ± 4-20 cm. Flowers do not bloom simultaneously, small purple, white. Stachytarpheta indica Vahl, higher can reach 1-2 m, maintained as a hedge plant life,

Curable Disease medical plant pecut kuda:

Infections and urinary tract stones,
sore throat;
Cleansing the blood, irregular menstruation
Hepatitis A

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES AND EFFECTS pharmacological of the medical plant: Taste bitter, cold, anti-inflammatory, laxative urine. CHEMISTRY CONTENT: glycosides, alkaloids.