the advantage medical plant Kencur(Kaempferia galanga, Linn.)

Medical plant kencur or (Kaempferia galanga)in the botanical name, including interest and Zingiberaceae plant classified as a medicinal plant species , fruit flesh most tender and not fibrous. Powder is a small terna that thrives in the lowlands or the mountains where the land is loose and not too much water. Kencur rhizome has a specific aroma. Kencur fruit flesh is white and brown outer skin. The number of strands of leaf kencur no more than 2-3 sheets with opposite arrangement. The flowers are arranged and a half sitting with flower crown amounted to between 4 to 12 pieces, lip violet flowers with white color is more dominant. Kencur grow and develop in a particular season, during the rainy season. Powder can be planted in pots or in the garden is enough sunlight, not too wet and in the open.

Curable Disease of the medical plant:
Inflammation of the Stomach,
Inflammation of the child's ear,
Influenza in infants; Cold, Headache, Cough,
blood Eliminate dirty;
Streamlining menstruation,
eye pain,

CHEMISTRY CONTENT of the medical plant kencur: Rhizome Powder contains starch (4.14%), minerals (13.73%), and essential oil (0.02%) of sineol, acid methyl penta kanil and independence, cinnamic acid, ethyl asters, sinamic acid, borneol, kamphene, paraeumarin, anisic acid, alkaloids, and gums.