the advantage medical plant Nanas kerang (Rhoeo di scolor (L.Her.) Hance)

Medical plant Nanas Kerang have the botanical name Rhoeo discolor
People used to be planted as an ornamental plant, thrives in moist soil. Including members of the tribe originally from Mexico and the West Indies. Tree height 40 cm - 60 cm, stem rough, short, straight, not branched. Leaf width and length, easily broken, the color on the upper surface of leaves: green and red at the bottom . Leaf length + 30 cm, width 2.5 to 6 cm. The flowers are white, flower-shaped shells.

USE of the medical plant nanas kerang to remedies:
1. Acute & chronic bronchitis, whooping cough (pertussis).
2. Gland tuberculosis (Lymphatic tuberculosis)
3. Nosebleeds (epistaxis).
4. Bacillary dysentery, dysentery (Melena).

CHEMICAL AND EFFECTS pharmacological medical plant: Taste sweet, cool. Sputum anti-inflammatory, lung care, liquefy, anti-cough, anti-diarrhea, cleanse the blood