the advantage medical plant Mimba(Azadirachta indica A. Juss.)

medical plant mimba have 8-15 m tall, Pansy flowers. Simpodial stem, bark contains gum, bitter. The odd feathery leaves in pairs. The child leaves with twisted strands of elongated lanceolate from, 3-10 cm in length from 0.5 to 3.5 cm wide, base narrows no symmetry, almost until the end of the tapered sharpened, krupnozubcatye edge of bare, overcome the bitterness, light-green color. Flower panicle structure located in the podmyŇ°ecnoj hollow leaves on top, 5-30 cm, bald or hairy at the base of the stalk subtle bouquet, floral stems 1-2 mm. Yellowish petals, mercatel'nogo, an average of 1 mm. Yellowish-white Crown, mercatel'nogo, 5-7 mm long. Stamen stamens form tubes, look smooth hairless or short hair, with hair. Gynoecium has an average length of 3 mm, bald. Fruit round, yellow-green 1.5 to 2 cm. Origin is unclear. Time of flowering from March to December. Growing up in the tropics, in the lowlands. This medical plant grows in the area of West Java, East Java and Madura island

The leaves are used for appetite enhancer, to overcome diseases
5.Oil to cope with eczema, head dirty,
inhibiting development and growth of germs.
Bark of this medical plant is used to treat
1.stomach aches,
2.amplifier, reducing a fever.
The fruit and the sap is used as an body amplifier.