the advantage medical plant Legundi (Vitex trifolia L.)

Medical plant legumdi or(Vitex trifolia L.) in the name botanical plant constitute
irregular canopy, aromatic, height 1-4 m. Obviously the main stem, bark dark brown, square young stems, much branched. compound leaves, sat down, opposite leaves, young leaves 1-3, leaves 2 and 3, sit down, stemmed leaf tip is less than 0.5 cm, oval-round-strand reverse elip elongated oval, the largest leaves 49 children, 5 x 1 0.75 to 3, 75 cm, which leaves 2 to 6.5 x 1.25 to 3.5 cm. Flower arrangement of compound panicle, with the basic structure fork, panicles 3.5 to 24 cm, fork 2 to 6.5 cm, 3-15 flowers, meetings and crowding. High sepals 3 to 4.5 mm. Crown tube 7-8 mm, 4-6 mm diameter Median segments of the lower lip . juice 4 near the center of the tube crown, the length of two. Pistil: fruit would be perfect 2 bedroom, 2 parts space, seated lateral ovules, pistil stalk, hair, tip branching. Fruit drupa type, sit, watery or dry, hard walls.this medical plant is easily grown in any kind of soil

USE IN COMMUNITY of the medical plant legundi
Roots for the prevention of pregnancy,
postpartum healing.
Trunk to cure swelling and eczema.
Seed cough, body care fresheners, hair.
Fruit as de-worming .
The leaves of the medical plant are used to reduce pain, dizziness, runny nose, lower the heat, relieve spasms, cough, tonsillitis, tuberkulose, typhoid, , stomach wind peluruh, peluruh sweat, launched menstruation, cleanse the uterus, puerperal fever, relieving water, heal wounds, scabies and to kill insects.