the benefit of medical plant Jayanti(Sesbania sesban Merr.)

Medical plant Jayanti commonly found in Java indonesia, which is used in planting in the yard, a side fields or on the plantation as shade plants, windbreaks or green manure. These plants can grow in poor soil and can be found from the lowlands to about 800 m dpi. Shrub or small tree, 2-6 m, much branched, growing fast. Leaves pinnate compound leaf form, with 7-25 pairs of leaflets. Children line up elongated leaf-shaped, short-stemmed, rounded edge, flat edge. Flowers in bunches, the color yellow. Fruit pods, grows hanging, shaped line.

PART USED: Leaves, roots, bark, seeds, and oils,

USE of this medical plant to treat disease:
1. Fever.
2. Wormy.
3. Pulmonary TB (tuberculosa).
4. Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes.
5. Kidney infection.

1. Difficult to sweat.
2. Urinating less smoothly.
3. Gonorrhea.
these are some of the benefit jayanti medical plant