the advantage medical plant Pepaya (Carica papaya, Linn.)

Medical plant Pepaya or (Carica papaya) is a plant That Trunked upright and wet. Palms resemble papaya, white flowers and reddish yellow ripe fruit, it feels like a melon. this medical plant height can reach 9 meters with strong roots. Strand leaves resemble the human hand. If the leaves of papaya are folded into two parts exactly in the middle, it would Appear That the leaves of papaya are symmetrical. Cavity in the form of stars papaya fruit cross section. This plant medical is also cultivated widely in gardens Because of its fruit is fresh and Nutritious.

Curable Disease of this medical plant:

kidney stones,
lack of breastfeeding,
urinary tract disorders,
excessive menstruation;
abdominal pain during menstruation,
acne, white-haired;
CHEMISTRY CONTENT medical plant pepaya: The content of ripe papaya fruit (100 g) - Calories 46 cal - SI 365 Vitamin A - Vitamin B1 0.04 mg - Vitamin C 78 mg - 23 mg Calcium - Charcoal Hydrate 12.2 grams - Phosphorus 12 mg - Iron 1 , 7 mg - 0.5 mg Protein - 86.7 grams Water content of Papaya fruit Young (100 gr) - calories 26 calories. - - Protein 2.1 grams - 4.9 grams Charcoal Hydrate - Calcium 50 mg - 16 mg Phosphorus - 0.4 mg Iron - Vitamin A 50 SI - 0.02 mg Vitamin B1 - Vitamin C 19 mg - Water 92.4 Besides grams of papaya fruit also contains elements of antibiotics, which can be used for the treatment without any side effects. Papaya Fruit also contains elements that can make food more perfect digestion, besides having the power that can make the urine acid react, which scientifically is called substance caricaksantin and violaksantin. Papaya leaves also contain various substances, among others: - Vitamin A 18 250 SI - 0.15 mg Vitamin B1 - Vitamin C 140 mg - Calories 79 cal - 8.0 grams Protein - 2 grams of fat - 11.9 grams Charcoal Hydrate - calcium 353 mg - 63 mg Phosphorus - 0.8 mg Iron - 75.4 grams Water content in the leaves of papaya carposide efficacious as de-worming. Besides the leaves, roots and latex of papaya also contain papayotin, karpain, kautsyuk, karposit and vitamins