the advantage of Cincau(Cylea barbata, Miers.)

Medical Plants Cincau (Cylea barbata) including trunked plant vines, diameter circumference rods, coarse bark and thorny. The length of the stem can reach dozens of meters and shield-shaped leaves with a surface with a surface filled with feathers. Berwara yellow flowers of this plant with a red stone fruit has an oval shape. These plants are often found in open areas or forest edges, bushes
treat disease of this medical plant

1. Stomach Pain and Hypertension
Ingredients: grass jelly leaves to taste
Method: leaves grass jelly squeezing, with boiled water,
filtered and left for some time till the gelatinous,
then add coconut milk and palm sugar sweetened.
How to use: commonly eaten

2. fever
Ingredients: grass jelly root to taste
Method: brewed with hot the water and filtered
How to use: drinked ordinary