the advantage of Daruju(Acanthus ilicifolius L)

Medical plant daruju have botanical name (Acanthus ilicifolius L)
Description: Daruju wild growing in coastal zones, on the banks of rivers and other places where dirty Earth and salt water. The annual Bush trunking wet, grow vertically or lying at the base, from 0.5 to 2 m tall, a lot. Round cylinder rod is weak, smooth, Brown, long and sharp thorns. Single leaves, shorter stalks, is situated opposite the cross. Strands oblong or Lancet leaves, pointed top, base and edges are pinnate with kolĂ»cimi the edges of the rear, 9-30 cm long, 4-12 cm in width. Complex percentage collected tinnitus 6-30 cm in length, from the tip of the stem, Crown bluish-purple flowers. Fruit box, oval, ± 3 cm long, black and Brown. Seeds pockovidnye, 2-4 in the number of fruits. Its roots are the root of riding, yellowish-white. You can multiply medical plant Daruju by seeds.

PART USED of this medical plant
The part used is roots, leaves, and seeds. Before use, wash the roots thoroughly, thinly sliced??, then dry in the sun until dry.

The root is used for treatment:
liver inflammation (hepatitis) acute and chronic,
enlarged liver and spleen (hepato.splenomegali),
enlarged lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), including enlarged lymph nodes in tuberculosis (TB) skin (skrofulode RMA),
mumps (parotitis),
shortness of breath (bronchial asthma),
stomach pain, abdominal pain,
cancer, especially liver cancer.

Seeds are used for treatment: ulcers and intestinal worms.

HOW TO USE this medical plant
For drugs taken, provide daruju 30-60 g dried root, then boiled with meat or team.
For external use only, minced dried root until smooth, then sprinkle on the body part injured or poisoned.