Benefits of Horseradish plant

As a medicine plant horseradish root has many curative properties: strong antibiotic, expectorant, bronchodilatator, antibacterial vasodilator, increased coronary arterial pressure, heating the body, stimulates the immune system, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, anti, diuretics antiscorbutic. It can stimulate the appetite. This is a cardiotonic effect and is recommended for people with high blood pressure. It is well known that horseradish is an aphrodisiac.

ronchitis, sinusitis, paradontosis, rheumatism, anemia, flu, stomatitis, and even facial paralysis can be treated by using horseradish. As for sinusitis and rhinitis enough to put a poultice on the forehead with two tablespoons of rapeseed seeds that immediately catch the nose decongested. This treatment was repeated 4 to 5 days in a row and interrupted once burns occur.

Against congestion from bronchitis, flu and lung, horseradish powder is applied as a poultice on the chest for half an hour to an hour. This treatment is repeated once every two or three days.

horseradish as medicine plant

Pain caused by rheumatism disappear if cataplasm of horseradish is used. If treatment is a burning sensation that appears to stop.

Gargling tincture dose of 3-4 tablespoons horseradish and a half cups of water to relieve stomatitis.

Paradontitis Conversely, people who suffer from the need to chew radish seeds. It can be mixed with carrot to reduce the spicy taste. This herb is very good for the gums because of the strong stimulant effect.

Radish syrup is recommended in cases of asthma, bronchitis, respiratory distress.