Benefits of Oat plant

medical plant Oat-based diet plays an important role in reducing cholesterol levels. One hundred grams of oatmeal contains 375 calories. Flakes to give a feeling of satiety, and a diet recommended by weight loss.

medical Plants oats help the blood clot and adjust the sugar for those who suffer from diabetes. Oat sugar is slowly absorbed by the blood, thus maintaining a stable level glicemy.

At breakfast oatmeal is recommended for those suffering from conditions such as drops. This is an excellent diuretic and laxative. Consumed in the form of simple, oatmeal stimulates digestion. In addition, plants have an important role in cancer prevention.

You can also use outside the grain. To relieve the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis or taken a bath containing wheat straw to make soup. Intercostal neuralgia effect was overcome by applying a poultice to oatmeal, and then allowed to react for 2 hours.

Oatmeal porridge juice gives good results when used in cases of nervous stress and heart disease. It helps in the stimulation of appetite by acting as a general strengthening.medical plant as food (OAT) is recommended for those who want to quit smoking, and also used in the fight against drug addiction. Cereals have a calming effect, offers a state of readiness and also acts as a stimulus to the nervous system.

The decoct oatmeal mixed with juice, hawthorn helps to improve the exchange of body parts;? It is also indicated in cases of peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis, chronic hepatitis and pancreatitis.