Benefits of Rye plant

Benefits of Rye medical plant, it serves as an excellent blood purifier, preventing arterial stiffness. It is used as a hemostatic cancer. Alkaloids in the composition to determine the stimulation of smooth muscle fibers. Sclerosis avoided.

medical plant Rye seed is energy, remineralizing, laxative, emollient, soothing and stimulating blood flow. Green wheat or prevent sclerosis at bay, including the brain and reduced inflammatory conditions.

Consumption of wheat is also recommended for intestinal transit, calm state of brain arousal. This is useful for reducing hot flashes and feel the heat. Rye vitaminized and strengthen the entire body, and also soothe colic.

Other diseases in which it is used: abscess, adenitis disease, blood vessel or heart disease, tonsilectomy, burns, constipation, bruising and enteritis. For hemorrhoids using grains of wheat made a poultice of fried and resins. Against intestinal parasites of wheat boiled and then a cup of tea you drink.

For hair growth, marjoram infusion bananas, chamomile, sage and the pot is finished. One tablespoon of DRIEr plant is crushed and added to 200 ml of boiled water and let soak for an hour. Tea obtained was filtered and added to bread wheat pasta crums obtained. Apply to wet hair and left like that for 2 hours. After hair is washed with a little warm water. This treatment applies hairwashes weekly between normal shampoo and conditioner.