Benefits of Savory plant

medical plant savory Scented tea is mixed with other herbs can be used in many treatments for internal disorders, with good results. It is used in the treatment of uterine contractions, cramps, headache, cough, tuberculosis, stomach pain and urinary retention.

medical plant savory can also be used to fight the flu by mixing with chamomile tea and cow's foot candy sweetened with sugar. Whooping cough can be cured with aromatic black currant tea. In addition to tea, a delicious juice mixed in a ratio of 1:07 in sugar syrup and is managed by the adoption of a spoon so that each time, can also be used with excellent results.

Because it is a powerful antiseptic action, fragrant tea can improve liver and kidney function.

Because the content of volatile aromatic oils, aromatic tea can be used in the treatment of intestinal worms. However, bitter compounds associated with other chemical compounds is a powerful tonic in cases of anemia.

High concentrations of oil can cure goutiness delicious, rheumatism, headaches and nausea.
Tincture can be used in small amounts to relieve symptoms in cases of children stunted.

Arthritis woes followed by high fever, aromatic hint is helpful.

medical plant savory is suggested that scented bath, mixed with mint, chamomile, eucalyptus liquorice, lemon flower, lavender, parents generally, Melissa, Marjoram Yarrow and treatment of children with respiratory problems.

A delicious infusion can be used in a small amount of heat can cure edema and seizures in pregnant women. Good results are obtained when the infusion is also used to treat diarrhea and nervousness.

A small bag that contains the scent of hot steam can successfully cure toothache, swelling and cramping. It seems that Dr. Kneipp fragrant known is used to treat arthritis and paralysis.

External, 3% with a tasty wine is an excellent disinfectant for infected wounds and other skin infections.