Hot Peppers Health Benefits

From Central and South America,medical plant peppers grown in the world stream of hot food and therapeutic qualities. It is 30-60 cm high, herbal plants annually. It has several variants, either with a sweet taste and flavor, especially in the heat.

The fruit is red or yellow, with many seeds inside. Mature fruit of this plant are used both for cooking and for therapy.

In a paper published in 1493 in the voyage of Columbus, said the hot spices. Naturist treatment chile varieties most used is the "pepper".

hot pepper as medical plants

Pharmacological action: antiseptic vitaminizing (containing large amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene), which regulate blood circulation, strengthens the heart, arteries and nerves, with anti-firing of action is very good, relieve pain and abscesses, which is a drug and against alcoholism.