the advantage of Bidara Laut

medical plant bidara laut is local name and it has botanical name (Strychnos ligustrina B )here are a little description
Shrub, approximately 2 metres in height. Various small, wood is hard and strong. Wood used parts and seeds.

Curable Disease by medical plant bidara laut:
Typical properties of bitter, cooling, blood circulation,, and poisonous. Savor Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and diaforetik. Has been studied hypoglycemic effect of decoction of wood lote Sea on rabbits. From these results, it turns out that the administration of decoction of 5, 10, 15, and 25% with a dose of 5 ml / kg, causes a decrease in blood sugar levels respectively 16.49%, 20.23%, 36.04%; and 43.96%. In granting tobultamid a dose of 250 mg / kg, showed decreased blood sugar levels by 44.72%. E.Y. Sukandar, Ny. N.C. Soegiarso, and I. Payayuani. Pharmacology, Departernen Pharmacy, ITB. Has been research on the effect of infusion lote Sea-inflammatory effects on white Wistar rats. To inflame karagen rats were used. From the results of these studies, infusion was lote Sea at certain doses has a significant anti-inflammatory effect. Warning simplicia contain striknina and brusina. Excessive dosage can lead to stiffness in the neck and face, shallow breathing, dilated pupils, and convulsions. Should not be used for a long time.