the advantage of medical plant Beringin(Ficus benyamina )

medical plant beringin have botanical plant (Ficus benyamina )many growing located on the street, suburb, or grow on the edge. Big tree, with a height of 20-25 m, rooted riding. The main straight, rounded, rough surface, black and Brown, simpodial, Rod pastime branching roots (aerial roots). Single leaves, shorter stalks, the location of the cross, oval-shaped, flat edge, with a sharpened tip, base obtuse, length 3-6 cm, width 2-4 cm, Cirrus, green. One flower, from the armpits leaves, petals form a funnel, rounded Crown, smooth, greenish-yellow. Buni fruits, circular, lengths from 0.5 to 1 cm, young green, after old red. Seed round, firm, white.
INDICATIONS could be a treatable disease by this medical plant
Useful to address the root of the air:
- Runny nose, high fever,
- Inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis),
- Pain in arthritic joints, and
- Injuries hit (bruises).

Leaves beneficial to overcome:
- Influenza,
- Inflammation of the airways (bronchitis), whooping cough (pertussis),
- Malaria,
- Acute intestinal inflammation (acute enteritis), dysentery, and
- Heat cramps in children.

The roots of banyan air dry as much as 15-30 g or dried banyan leaves as many as 50-120 g boiled, and drunk. For external use, (Ficus benyamina ) leaf and then boiled while warm water is used for bathing.