the advantage of medical plant Benalu (Loranthus, Spec. div.)

this medical plant lived as a parasite (parasiet = Netherlands) attached to a branch of another tree and suck the dissolved minerals that ditempelinya preformance tree can be killed. Flowers Unisexual mistletoe fruit seeds contain getah.Pengembangbiakannya through the animals or birds, which feed on mistletoe seeds fruit itself. the process is very simple: sticky mistletoe seeds were eaten by animals or birds. Then the seeds of medical plant are attached to a tree branch branches of mistletoe, along with bird faeces from that eat them, and grew up in the branches of it.
a treatable disease from medical plant (Loranthus, Spec. div.)
1. Tumors and Cancer
Ingredients: 1-2 stem parasite that attaches to a tea tree, 1
reed grass stems, fennel palawaras taste.
How to Make: all ingredients boiled in 3 cups water to
boiling, then filtered.
How to use: drinked 1 times one day ½ cup.

2. tonsil
Ingredients: 1 stick parasite that attaches to a lime tree,
palawaras fennel taste.
How to Make: The second material is boiled in 3 cups of water until
boiling, then filtered.
How to use: drinked 1 times one day ½ cup.

3. measles
Ingredients: 1-2 parasite bars pulasari fennel taste.
How to rs: The second ingredient is crushed together until
How to use: used as a powder for a taxable