benefit of Beluntas (Pluchea indica (L.) Less.)

medical plant beluntas have name of the botanical (Pluchea indica (L.) Less.). grow to 2 m tall, occasionally more. Branching a lot-resonant smooth and fluffy. Wild land in waterless and ugly, or planted as a fence. There are up to 1000 m above sea level. Short leaf stems, an alternate location, the form of a round breech eggs melancip rounded tip, toothed bright green color. Flowers emerge at the end of the branches and leaves flowers in axillary or sit pen bulb, color violet. Fruit form multiple long top, Brown with white corners lokos.

this medical plant could be overcome disease:
-the smell of the body,
-reduce heat,

medical plant beluntas have farmatologis

It smells typical (Sengir) and taste bitter. Leaves: increased appetite (Stomakik), helps digestion. CHEMISTRY CONTENT: alkaloids, volatile oil.