the advantage of Bligu (Benincasa hispida (Thunb,) Cogn.)

medical plant bligu have name botanical (Benincasa hispida (Thunb,) Cogn.) the description plant: Woodbine. Woody stems, soft, fluffy, green color. Single sheet, round, flat edge, the tip obtuse, base rounded, 10-17 cm long, 9-15 cm broad, green. Flowers solitary, of both sexes, grew up in podmyšku leaves, crowns, fluffy, yellow in colour. Fruit Buni, rounded oblong, oval, 15-20 cm long, whitish green white. Part use seeds and fruit.

USE of part of this medical plant
-Kidney stones.
-Inflammation of the lungs
-Inflammatory bowel disease

1. Dysentery.
2. The heat inside.
3. Bleeding in internal organs.
4. Tonics.
fruit and seed from medical plant have many benefit