the advantage of Blustru( Luffa cylindrica [L.] Roem.)

Generally, blustru medical plant in the fields, propagated on the fence as vegetable crops, or growing wild in the bush, river and beach. Terna season and have botanical plant Luffa cylindrica [L.] Roem. the length of its trunk can reach 20-10 m, climbing with tendrils (pembelit tool) that comes out of the armpit leaves. Single leaf, petiole 4-9 cm long, alternate location. Ovoid leaf blade widened, notched 5-7 menjari fruit, base heart-shaped leaves, leaves the bone protruding beneath, the color of the upper surface dark green leaves, the color of the lower surface light green leaves, 6-25 cm long, width 7.5 to 27 cm. Flowers unisexual, contained in a single tree. Crown of yellow flowers. Fruit hanging or lying on the ground, cylindrical or spherical shape elongate, 10-50 cm long, with diameters of 5-10 cm, if it is old brown. The inside of the ripe fruit contained a tightly woven coir. Seeds flat with the edge of the wing-shaped, smooth, black.

Curable Diseaseby this medical plant:
The nature and efficacy blustru sweet fruit, its cool, it makes meridian liver, stomach, and kidneys. Fruit blustru efficacious as a laxative phlegm, stop bleeding (hemostatis), a mild laxative (laxative), and clean heat (heat is palpable and the feeling of heat in) and toxins. Blustru seeds are bitter, cold nature, and toxic. Seeds blustru efficacious to remove heat, peluruh urine (diuretic), stimulants vomiting (emetic), laxatives, stomach worm eradication (antelmintik), peluruh menstruation, and stimulates expenditure ASI (laktagoga). Leaf efficacious laxative to cleanse the blood and menstruation. Blustru flower sweet, slightly bitter, and the nature cold. Sweet coconut fiber, neutral in character, enter the lung meridian, stomach, and liver. Coir efficacious as a laxative sputum, pain relievers (analgesics), antirheumatic, as well as blood circulation and nerves. The root tastes sweet, neutral nature, nutritious blood circulation and relieve swelling. Stems are bitter, cold nature, toxic, into the heart meridian, spleen, and kidneys. Trunk efficacious blood circulation and antelmintik. Blustru 10% leaf extract may increase uterine contractions separate guinea pig compared to the effect. Sekole kornutum. This increase is not caused by the presence of Ca ions, Na, and K contained in the leaf extract blustru medical plant