the advantage of medical plant Boroco (Celosia argentea Linn)

this medical plant Growing up, height 30 - 100 cm. Grows wild on the side of the road, the edge of the ditch, abandoned terrain. Round rods with rough grooves elongate, highly branched, green or red. There is a green leaf color and the colors are red, elongated oval shape, pointed tip, finely serrated edge is almost flat. Flowers grains form long 3 10 cm, pink / purple, black beans a little brighter, the flowers grow at the ends of branches.

PART THE APPLICABLE from medical plant boroco
Seeds, flowers and entire plants, dried in the sun to be stored.

Seeds: - Infection red-eye = eye (acute conjunctivitis).
- Inflammation of the cornea (keratitis)
- Infection in the eye (uveitis Chronic)
- High blood pressure (hypertension).

Flowers: - Vomiting blood (Haematemesis)
- Whitish (Leucorrhoe)
- Drug eye wash.

The whole plant: - Bowel movement mucus and blood (dysentery)
- Urinary tract infections (urinary tract.

Seeds: 10 - 30 grams
Interest: 30 - 60 grams. ... boiled.
The whole plant: 30 - 60 grams.

1. keratitis:
Boroco beans 15 grams, enough chicken liver boiled, eaten.

2. hypertension:
Boroco beans 30 grams, 1 cup boiling water into 1 / 2 cups water, divided
into 2 (two) times the drink.

3. Vomiting blood:
Fresh flowers boroco 30-60 grams of added meat to taste
boiled into soup, eat.

4. As an external medicine:
Flowers boiled, the water to wash the eyes (after being filtered by
filter paper / cotton).

5. whitish:
60 grams of flowers plus 60 grams of meat, boiled, drinking water and
the meat.

CAUTION of boroco medical plant
Contra Indications on the elevated eye pressure (Glaucoma).