the advantage of .Bunga Tasbih

Medical plant bunga tasbih or (Canna indica Linn.) in the name of botanical are
Terna of large, annual, up to 2 m. high, the soil has a thick rhizome like parsnip. Leaves large and broad, clear green nyirip (some are colored tengguli). Large flowers with bright colors (red, yellow) are arranged in series-shaped bunches. Kendaga fruit such as fruit, seeds many, round. Almost always grown as an ornamental plant, but grows wild in the forests and mountains to a height of 1,000 from the sea surface. The other type, Canna edulis to Gawl. (Ganyong) has a smaller flower petals, green leaves with more than tengguli tengguli ping. Grown as ornamental plants this medical plant rhizomes can be eaten, in Australia this medical plant as flour producer known as "arrowroot of Queensland".

Raw: root and Rhizome (fresh or dried), flowers (dried). Application:-temperature (analgesic), high blood pressure, chronic dysentery, metrorragiâ (menstruation lot), whitish (leucorrhoe), jaundice (želtušnaâ acute hepatitis), hemoptysis (hemoptysis).
Use external: bleeding wounds and purulent Dermatitis, Acne (acne).
Usage: root/Rhizome: 15-30 hrn. dried or 30-60 grams. humid. Flower: 10-15 Gr. Outdoor use: root/Rhizome svežedroblenogo, which should be attached to their patients.
HOW to APPLY: 1. acute icteric hepatitis: drink the broth of roots of beads: 60-120 kg (maximum dose of 250 gr.) daily, divided by 2 times to drink within 20 days, a maximum of 47 days. 2. haemorrhage: 10-15 Gr. Flower beads, boiled, drink. 3. Whitish: 15-30 hrn. root beads + Chicken + Rice: commands.
that is the advantage of the medical plant bunga tasbih