the advantage of medical plant Bunga Pukul Delapan(Turnera ulmifolia L)

Medical plant bunga pukul delapan have the botanical name (Turnera ulmifolia L) here are the little description:
Eight colors are found wild on deposits, edge drains, and usually grow in groups. Plants from the West Indies can be found at an altitude of 10-250 m above sea level, in places exposed to direct sunlight or little protected. Direct herbs with roots lengths from 0.3 to 0.8 m pen one sheet-shaped elliptical, base wedge-shaped, pointed tip, the jagged edges of rough, bones are pinnate leaves with glands, 2-7 cm long and 1 cm wide, -4. Flowers blossom around 8:0 in the morning and will be approximately 12:0. Petals are oval-shaped shutter, Brown, light yellow on it, and twist the bud. Wide-shaped fruit, with more than 30 seeds. Reproduction of this medical plant by seeds.

Parts of plants used as medicine are the leaves and roots.

INDICATIONS treat diseases
Leaves and roots are used to address:
digestive disorders, such as abdominal bloating, no appetite,
arthritic joints accompanied by swelling, swollen bruise o, and
weak after recovering from a serious illness.

For drugs taken, boiled leaves or fresh roots (15 g). Once cool, strain and drink the water. For foreign drugs, crushed fresh leaves to taste, add whiting (to taste) and mix well. Stick on boils or swollen body parts and bruised, and dressing.

Interest at eight o'clock one medical plant could be clan with damiana (Turnera diffusa), herbs are efficacious to overcome swelling prostate (prostatic hypertrophy) clan erectile dysfunction.