the advantage of medical plant bunga pagoda(Clerodendrum japonicum)

Medical plant bunga pagoda have name botanical (Clerodendrum japonicum).it have many advantage from each a part.description:
As a rule, the pagoda of flowers planted in the garden, yard, or on the sidewalk in front of the city areas as an ornamental plant. Deciduous shrubs, 1-3 m tall Trunk filled with thin hair. Single leaf stems, is line of sight. Strand oval leaves spirally arranged base expanded, leaves, old leaves bercangap menjari, can reach 30 cm in length. Flowers red compound interest, consisting of small flowers are collected in the form of a pyramid, from the end of the shaft. Fruit round. Flower pagoda can reproduce seeds.

PART USED from medical plant:
The part used is roots, flowers, and leaves. For storage, the roots should be dried.

INDICATIONS to treat diseases
-The roots are used for treatment:
-back pain (lumbago), rheumatic pain,
-pulmonary tuberculosis (pulmonary TB) is accompanied by coughing up blood,
-bleeding hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), dysentery (dysentery),
-difficulty sleeping (insomnia), and
-swelling (bruise) due to hit a hard object.

Flowers are used for treatment:
-blood booster in patients with anemia,
-bleeding hemorrhoids, and
-difficulty sleeping (insomnia).

For drugs taken, boiled 30-90 g roots or flowers. In addition, it is, the roots can also be used as a powder, then brewed and drunk.

For external use only, minced fresh leaves until smooth, then Dab on boils, sores, and bruises. In addition, the fresh leaves from this medical plant can be squeezed juice and water is applied to bleeding wounds.