medical plant bunga kenop(Gomphrena globose Linn.)

Medical plant bunga kenop have botanical name (Gomphrena globose Linn.) here are the description:
Herbaceous annual, 60 cm high. or more, hairy. Planted in the yard as an ornamental plant or grow wild in the fields got enough sun to a height of approximately 1400 m. from sea level, comes from America and Asia. Green stems reddish, hairy, enlarged at the segment branching, leaves sit opposite each other, stemmed, leaf shape ovoid to elongate breech, with a length of 5-10 cm, 2-5 cm wide, green tapered tip at the top of the rough-haired and smooth in bottom, the color of white hair. Flowers hump shape, color purplish crimson, like balls. (There are white).

PART OF use this medical plant:

Flowers or whole plants, fresh or dried.
treat diseases

1. Bronchial asthma, chronic airway inflammation and chronic (chronic

and chronic bronchitis).

3. Conjunctivitis, headache

4. Heat children, nightmares (night screaming).

5. Dysentery.

Use: 15.9 grams, boiled.

External use:

Crushed fresh plants in water bodies used badly or boiled for washing. It is used to wound or sore wounded.


1. Bronchial asthma:

10 flowers boiled, with the yellow wine, beverage

regular three times.

2. Urine is not smooth: flowers 3:10 gr boiled, drunk.

3. Heat in children (due to liver disorders):

7-14 fresh flowers boiled drinking.

4. At:

10 more other fresh flowers of yellow wine, drink boiled.

5. CHRONIS bronchitis:

Produced injectable drug from medical plant bunga kenop, is injected into acupuncture points. 10%

The pain, dry throat after receiving

injections, but only temporarily.