the advantage of medical plant Buah Nona (Annona reticulata L.)

medical plant Buah Nona have name botanical (Annona reticulata L.)description:
Tree or shrub, 3-7 m high, all the strong-smelling if crushed. Leaves elongated to form Ianset, 9-30 times from 3.5 to 7 cm, quite limp, flat edge. Flowers in a short essay, flowering 2-10. Leaf buds of time petals arranged in the valve, a small triangle, the base united. Fleshy outer petals are very thick, 2-3 cm in length, from the yellowish white, with a hollow base finally purple. Leaves in the crown is very small. Basic interest rate rises. Stamens many, white. Liaison space above sari sari space widened, and closed spaces. Would be a lot of fruit. Pistil head so to speak sitting. Fruit compound more or less spherical shape, diameter 5-12 cm; men in particular with a flat tip, even when cooking is still in touch. Dark brown seeds. Dirty white pulp. Fruit trees of the West Indies. Parts Used of the medical plant are Seeds, young fruit and leaves.

a treatable disease: ,
neutralize and toxic.
Effectiveness of Seeds
Anti-inflammatory and antelmintik.

composition of this medical plant tannins and alkaloids anonaina retikulina