the advantage of medical plant Buah Makasar(Brucea javanica [L.] Merr

Makassar fruit medical plant grows in the wild in the Woods, sometimes planted as an instrument for hedging plants: fruits grown at altitudes of 100-500 Napier m above sea level. Vertical WAD, chronic, ranging from 1 to 2.5 m, gladkošerstnaâ yellow. The leaves are pinnate leaf form odd connections, the number of children 5-13 leaves, stalks, is line of sight. Strands have elongated pointed leaflets, top, base wedge-shaped, jagged, rough top green surface, the lower surface of a light green, 5-10 cm long, 2-4 cm broad. Gathered in a series of compound interest form a dense panicle underarms of leaves, greenish purple. Fruit oval fruit stone, about 8 mm long, black when fully ripe. Seeds are roundish, white. In Indonesia, the fruit is called Makassar beans. You can multiply the seed of the fruit Makassar.

this medical pant was bitter, cold nature, toxic (toxic), enter the large intestine meridian. Savor the fruit makasar can clear heat and toxins, stop bleeding (hemostatis), kill the parasite (parasiticic), antidisentri, and antimalarials. Efficacy makasarleaves can clean hot and toxic. medical plant makasar fruit contains the active substance, such as oleic acid, bruceine, and yatanoside A & B, a potent anticancer in Ehrlich ascitic cancer, sarcoma 37 'sarcoma 180' cervix cancer and 14 'Walker carcinoma, 56, leucemia1, lo, and leucemia3g8. In animals, inhibits DNA synthesis of cancer cells, enhancing macrophage phagocytosis, as well as blood cell formed in bone marrow. Research resources juice antelmintik makasar against Ascaridia galli worms (roundworms chicken) in vitro with boiling water 10% w / v ethanol extract and the remaining fraction, showing real results. That is, the fruit juice has efficacy as antelmintik makasar. At the dose of 20 ml boiling water 10% w / v, 150 mg of ethanol extract, and 150 mg of the fraction remaining, each diluted with 5% glucose saline to 100 ml antelmintik deliver power that is not significantly different with 32 mg diluted in citrate piperasin 5% glucose saline to 100 ml