the advantage of medical plant Brotowali (Tinospora crispa (L.)

Wild medical plants in the forests, fields, or planted backyard fence. Usually planted as a medicinal plant. Love hot spot, including shrubs, climbing, stem height up to 2.5 m Barrel earphone, berbintil-knot bitter meeting. Single leaf stems, a form of heart or a little fingers budar egg sharpened, long 7-12 cm broad, 5-10 cm. The flowers are small, light green, pseudo-form clots. Multiplies the stem attached.(Tinospora crispa (L.)is the name botanical plant

PART THE APPLICABLE from brotowali medical plant is Trunk.

1. Rheumatic arthritis, rheumatic hip joints (sciatica), bruising.
2. Fever, stimulates appetite, yellow fever.
3. Diabetes.

USAGE: 10-15 grams, boiled, drinking.

EXTERNAL USE: The water used to wash the rods brotowali sores, scabies, wounds.

HOW TO USE medical plant for
1. rheumatik:
1 finger sticks brotowali washed and cut into pieces as needed, boiled
with 3 cups water to a 1 1 / 2 cup. after the cold
filtered, plus honey to taste, drink. Day 3 x 1 / 2 cup.

2. Yellow fever (icteric):
1 finger sticks brotowali washed and cut into pieces, boiled with 3
glasses of water to be 1 1 / 2 cup. Drunk with honey
to taste. Day 2 x 3 / 4 cup.

3. fever:
2 finger sticks brotowali boiled with 2 cups water, until it becomes a
the glass. Once cool, drunk with honey to taste. 2x a day
1 / 2 cup.

4. Diabetes:
1 / 3 handheld bitter leaves, 1 / 3 handheld leaf cat whiskers, 3 / 4
finger ± 6 cm stem brotowali washed and cut into pieces, boiled
with 3 cups water to be 2 cups. Taken after meals,
2 X 1 glass a day.

5. Mange (scabies):
3 finger sticks brotowali, sulfur of hazelnut, washed and
finely ground, kneaded with coconut oil as necessary. used
to lubricate the skin is attacked by scurvy. Day 2 x.

6. hurt skin
Brotowali leaves finely, put on the wound, replaced 2 x
per day. To wash the wound, use boiled water brotowali rod.
this medical plant have a lot of benefit