the advantage of Calingcing(Oxalis corniculata Linn.)

Climbing medical plants or vertical height grows 5-35 cm, grows in a wild form in wet, open places or shadow on the side of the road or the grass. On the island there are extensive plants from the beach to the mountains with a height of 3000 metres above sea level. They have tender stems and branches. The leaves are spread made up of a child of three light green heart-shaped leaves. flowers out of the axillary leaf, yellow with umbrella pieces. Fruit oblong box, erect, the edges as a peak, red brown when ripe, it erupted when played.

The whole plant, fresh or dried.

USE treat disease from this medical plant:
1. Fever, flu
2. Hepatitis, diarrhea.
3. Urinary tract infection.
4. High blood pressure (hypertension).
5. Kekemahan body (neurasthenia).
6. Stop the bleeding.
7. peluruh menstruation

USAGE: 30 - 60 gr, braised, drinks.

1. Wounds, sores, insect bites, prickly heat, eczema, burns,
Crushed fresh plants, worn on the body that there is

2. Steeping herbs for fresh herbs used in mouthwash
inflammation of the mouth, eliminate bad breath.

3. Ulcer drug:
crushed fresh herbs, plus brown sugar, stick to the
the ulcers.

HOW TO USE calincing medical plant:
1. Chronic hepatitis: 30 gr. - 40 gr. boiled for 2 times drinks.
2. Steeping the leaves to treat stomach pain (diarrhea), thrush.
3. Stopping the bleeding:
Crushed fresh herbs, then squeezed, the water is mixed
with honey to taste, drink.