the advantage of Ceguk (Quisqualis indica L.)

Twisted medical plants left or climb, height from 1.5 to 5 m. leaves are opposite or more or less rocky and scattered, stalk from 0.5 to 2 cm; thread elongated-shaped, up to 5 times with 2.5 up to 18.5 9 cm. Flowers at the ends and in the podmyŇ°ecnoj hollow in the ears of many flowering, the leaves are falling before flowering or protective stayed until 2 cm in length. Flowers 2. Petal tube directly, with a short cutting, green, yellow; Taju petals 5, triangular, 3-4 mm long. Petals 5, sitting, extended form, first white, then red, dark red, up to 1.5 cm in length. 10 stamens. Gynoecium stalk, on the one hand tube connects to the petals, stamens are far beyond the Crown. Fruit varieties, with base and narrow tip, 5 ribs, dark brown, 2.5-4 x 1 cm

properties specially: nature SPECIAL Sweet and neutralize. Effectiveness and Tonic antelmintik.
treat disease:Malnutrition in children. 2. Glistnye (bracelets, Ostritz and yarn

Note that the use of excessive seed fro this medical plant, will lead to sniffle (hiccup), dizziness, and nausea.