the advantage of Dadap Ayam (Erythirna variegata L. Var..Orientalis(L.) Merr)

medical plant (Erythirna variegata L. Var..Orientalis(L.) Merr) or dadap ayam for the local indonesia name.
Most thorny stalks and twigs of pasta. Woods leaves with stems 10-40 cm long, spiny pasta; child go inverted oval, triangular or diamond shape with a blunt edge, flat edge, rarely slightly corrugated, the child will leave the tip of the largest, 9-25 times 10-30 cm. Bouquets of flowers in the side, at the end of bare twigs or leaves of the young. Patron leaves quickly fall. Flowers three to three-and-lug, for children from 0.5 to 1 cm stem. Finally splitting in the petals of the stem; flag from 5.5 to 8 times less than 8 cm, short nails, no white stripes; wing appeared in Iuar petals, from 1.5 to 2.5 cm in length; Kiel is more or less equal in length, loose leaves, the dirty red. Future meetings of hair fruits,

SPECIAL PROPERTIES of this medical plant bitter, cooling, and cleanse the blood. Efficacy expectorant, antipyretic, antelmintik, and insektisid antimicrobial effect has been doing research Dadap Chicken leaf extract against some bacteria that causes peptic in vitro. From these results, it turns cider stew, the fraction of chloroform, and the remaining fraction can inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus albus, Streptococcus beta Saureuos hemolyticus, and Pseudomonaf aeruginosa

USE of this medical plant
-Irregular Menstruation.
-Facilitating breastfeeding.
-Trouble sleeping.
-Inflammation (external drug).
-Sick of the skin (topical).

-Rheumatism (topical).
-Fractures (external drug).