the advantage of Dadap Serep(Erythirna subumbrans(Hask.) Merr)

Plant a tree. There are thorny stalks and thin. Three leaves single and rhombus Part b. leaves and bark.
Curable Disease of this medical plant:
SPECIAL PROPERTIES bitter, cooling, and cleanse the blood. Efficacy Leaves: Antipyretics and anti-inflammatory. Bark: expectorant. Antipyretic effect studies have been conducted and the results penyarian Dadap spare leaf infusion of pigeons. From the results of these studies, infusion of leaves was efficacious as an antipyretic Dadap spare, while the results penyarian with chloroform did not give antipyretic effect. Used as a control suspension of paracetamol 300 mg / kg. Roy Mustakin, 1992. Department of Pharmacy, Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNAND. Mentors: Drs. Rusdi, M.S. and Dra. Armenia, M.S. Has conducted screening of pharmacodynamic activity of ethanol extract of leaves of several species of Erythrina (E. orierrtalis, irtdica E., and E. litliospernla). From the results of these studies, it turns out the third ethanol leaf extract has a suppression of activity of the central nervous system, muscle relaxation and the sympathomimetic simpatolitik. Analgesic activity is only found in E. indica and F. litlnosperrrla. The intensity of the effect increases with increasing dose. Christine Gunawan, 1993. Faculty of Pharmacy, Widman. Mentors: Drs. Soemartojo. Has conducted research influence Dadap spare leaf infusion on milk production in lactating mice. From the results of these studies, there were significant differences in milk production in the spare Dadap infusion of 40%.

-Facilitating breastfeeding.
-Sprue stomach.
-Prevents miscarriage (external drug).
-Ruling (external drug).
-Bleeding inside (external drug).
-Abdominal pain (topical).

-Sprue stomach.