benefit of Bandotan(Ageratum conyzoides L.)

Bandotan is local name for this medical plant and have botanical name (Ageratum conyzoides L.)growing vertically or lie at the bottom, 30-90 cm tall, branching. Round rods with long hair, if it concerns land will issue root. Stems of leaves located opposite and crossbones (Compositae), egg-leaf plate with curved base and pointed tip, jagged edges, 1-10 cm long, from 0.5 to 6 cm in width, both leaf surfaces with long hair, with a gland, which is located in the lower surface of leaves, the color green. Compound interest together 3 or more flat shape of the end of the shaft, panicle is white. 6-8 mm long flower bulbs, with hair. The fruits of this medical plant black and a little. Regional distribution, Habitat and cultivation of Bandotan can reproduce seeds. Bandotan originated from tropical America. In Indonesia, wild plants and bandotan better known as pests of plants (weeds) in the garden and fields. This medical plant can be found street side

a treatable disease by this medical plant: this herb is slightly bitter taste, spicy, and neutral. Bandotan effective stimulant, tonic, relief of fever (analgesic), antitoksik, eliminating the swelling, stop the bleeding (hemostatis), peluruh (emenagog), menarche peluruh urine (mocegonnymi) and pelumuh fart (kaiminatit). Bandotan leaves may also be used as a plant-based insecticide. In addition conyzoide. s Ageratum l., bandotan, there are other varieties that have the same efficiency, i.e. Ageratum haoustonianum Mill. Bandotan leaf extract (5% and 10%) may extend the cycle heat and slow down the development of follicles in female mice (Virgin and Virgin). However, does not affect the uterus, vagina, and liver. After the reconstruction period, cycle and return to the normal development of follicles. There was no difference in effect between Virgin and Virgin mice during treatment (UNI Ahda, JF FMIPA UNAND, 1993). Bandotan leaf extract at a dose of 20% coconut oil has no effect for healing.However, in doses ranging from 40% to 80% can heal the wounds of the greatly increased in accordance with the dose. Actually, healing effects in doses of 80% is not significantly different at 10% povidone iodine