the advantage of medical plant Awar Awar(Ficus septica Burm.L)

this medical plant have local name Awar awar and botanical name (Ficus septica Burm.L).here are the description:
Tree or shrub 1-5 feet in height. The main stem curved curves, soft, round branches cylindrical, hollow, bare, clear sticky. Leaves one supports a large, very sharp, one leaves, stems, leaves or conversely sitting was 2.53 cm. Strand oval or elliptical, with full justification, tip narrowed quite dull, flat edge, 9-30 times 9-16 cm, with shiny dark green above, in many parts of the pale, light green bottom, left and right dice leaves with 6-12 leaves bones nearby, on both sides of the leaves bones visible due to its pale. Complex per pot location in pairs, short stalks, pangkaInya with protective sheet of 3, light green or grey-green, a diameter of about 1.5 cm, some plants Have male flowers and floral gallon, but on the other hand, female flowers. Fruit type pot, pulpy, green, green, grey, with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 cm. Time of flowering in the period from January to December. These mediical plant are a lot of dit

use a part of medical plant are: leaves of Ficus bark septica can inhibit the growth of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli in vitro, test results, bioautografi reported that 4 g awar awar leaf extract which is soluble in methanol, to suppress the growth of bacteria. Antofin (5) as an antibacterial effect (b. m. subtillis flavus and e. Coli)
medical plant Raw leaves are used to
-treat skin disorders,
-poisonous bites snakes,
-canker overcome,
-and shortness of breath.
-Roots are used to counteract the poison (fish),
-prevention of bronchial asthma in addition leaves can cause vomiting.
-The juice is used to overcome the swelling,
and headache.
-Fruit for laxatives funds.
above some benefit from this medical plant