Benefits of Laurel plant

Such medicines are concerned about the quality, Laurel as medical plant is a legendary potion. It is used in therapy to treat loss of appetite, cold, flu and common, and nervous system diseases, digestive problems, intestinal infections, inflammation of the mouth, chronic rheumatism, seizures, and atonic stomach.

Against sinusitis, decocts fame or the infusion is recommended. Due to the large amount of oil they contain, the bay leaves is recommended in the various forms of influenza as they can clear the sinuses and reducing nasal secretions.

Against drunkenness, intoxication or poisoning, is recommended to boil 20-30 laurel leaves in a cup of water and let soak for 20 minutes. Infusion immediate dangers of drinking and a great door antitoxic.

To treat indigestion, 1-2 bay leaves are cooked with a meal or 1 month followed by a treatment consisting of chewing laurel leaves 3 days on an empty stomach, one before each main meal.

Infections of the gums, hoarseness and voice loss can be treated by rinsing with water containing 10 laurel leaves boiled.

The flu or bronchitis is considered by a maceration of 4 bay leaves and orange peel in a quart of water. The resulting mixture is consumed on an empty stomach. Reduce fever, relieve headaches and body strength. Laurel spraying good not only for cold countries, but also to repel insects.

Laurel is known spiritual psychic effect. It awakens the mind and senses, improving subtle perception offers a state of dynamism, expansion and also can put your mind in a state of indifference, clarity and measurement.