lemon for healthy

Lemon juice - with 30% Fruit -as medical plant contains citric acid, potassium citrate and calcium, carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sugar), minerals and trace elements (iron, calcium, silicon, phosphorus, manganese, copper), vitamins (B1, B2 , B3, C, PP, a carotenoid). All these compounds help the body in the process of growth. Citric acid, for example, stimulates intestinal calcium absorption (the mineralization of action), neutralizing the effect of uric acid and heartburn. While vitamin C is in a rich lemon, which is the functionality of anti-oxidants, vitamin PP offers protection of blood vessels. In addition, vitamin C plays an important role in the formation of collagen tissue, cartilage and bone as well as anti-inflammatory. In addition, through the contribution of vitamin C, fat burning is also accelerated. A direct flux is achieved by the dissolution of blood - a process that does not restrict blood clotting in case of injury. Therefore, blood flow more easily when the blood vessels, becomes more fluid. Below is the residual effect of the benefits generated by the consumption of citrus: a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, febrifuge, tonic sympathetic nervous system, heart tonic, anti-acid reflux, diuretic, anti-rheumatic, anti-gout , anti-rheumatic, tranquilizers, anti-sclerotic, vein tonic, anti-scurvy, purifying, mineralizing, anti-anemia, gastrointestinal secretion stimulates the liver and pancreas, hemostatic, carminative, and anthelmintic.many advantages from lemon as medical plant