Benefits of Marigold plant

benefit of medical plant marigold are Infusion of calendula and dye is used to treat hyperacid gastritis, duodenal ulcer, jaundice, infections, cancer, ulcers, inflammation and liver failure.

Calendula tincture effective to stabilize the menstrual cycle and calendula tea, if you take a week before the arrival of the menstrual cycle, can reduce pain, especially in the case of anemia.

pot marigold of medical plant are
acne, burns, athlete's foot, infected wounds, skin cancer, breast cancer, skin diseases, fungal infections and breast canker sores all treated with calendula cream or bathing in water containing phenomenon.

In the case of back pain ill or injured, you should stay in the belly "pillows" that contain calendula. Also it is used effectively to diseases of the skin, by placing a "cushion" of wonders on your face.

At the same time, dry skin care makes sense, it is recommended that the oil used to accelerate healing of wonder, have energy and a calming effect and can also boost blood circulation vascular fragility. Oil is also recommended to inflammation of the skin and the treatment of wounds and eczema.

Skin cancer and birthmarks or dark yellow juice points are recommended.

In the case of dizziness and headaches decoct marigold recommended. It can be used in cases of bladder disease, rickets, cough, sore pain.