Benefits of Marjoram plant

benefit of this medical plant At the time of the pharaohs, the scent of marjoram is used in the manufacture of essential oils because at the end of the flower of grass. Today is more of a herb seasoning although it is also used in cosmetics.

perennial aromatic herbs. Specifically to the Mediterranean climate, the herb originated in Egypt and Arabia. Growing as a shrub and can reach a maximum height of 30 cm. Branched stems and leaves are very fragrant, because of the fine oil. It can be grown in pots, gardens or greenhouses, but it must be exposed to high temperatures. This herb is useful even without digested, and the smell of the garden and keep the mosquitoes away. Also planted as an ornamental plant but largely as an aromatic herb. For seasoning, marjoram is used in tomato soup, sauces, salads, oriental, meat and pastries. Both before and dried leaves can be used in foods. Marinated in olive oil, oregano leaves retain their scent longer and at the same time, oil can be used for salads. However, it has many lesser-known therapeutic indications, such as in the case: blood circulation problems, water retention, muscle cramps, fatigue, insomnia, depression, etc. This will be aimed right at the top of the parts used: dried marjoram leaves, flowers and stems. Harvesting takes place during the flowering period (July-August).