Benefits of Meadow Sage plant

meadow sage as medical plant could be treat seizures, pain in the spine and gland disorders. Good results against chills. Sage tea can also reduce heart problems.

pasture sage herb plant has a cleansing action, the removal of mucus from the lungs and stomach, stimulates appetite and food stomach upsets and diarrhea treated. Meadow sage is also used to relieve breathing problems and is indicated for the treatment of bronchitis, colds and coughs. A great herb to stimulate memory.

On the exterior, it is used in case of insect bites by applying a smooth chopped sage leaves to the wound. Sage tea is recommended in cases of tonsillitis, sore throat, dental abscesses, inflammation of the pharynx and mouth.

another benefit of Meadow sage as medical plant could be relieve toothache and the infusion of bleeding gums. For it is necessary to use tea to rinse. Bathroom in the desert sage is recommended for people with weak nerves system, or for women suffering pelvic affection.