Meadowsweet health benefits (Filipendula ulmaria - Fam. Rosaceae)

meadowsweet medical plant to be used for the following medical conditions: loss of hair (hair washing or scrubbing the infusion or tincture), tonsillitis (internal - external infusion - make soup), burns, make soup, arthritis (infusions and tinctures - indoor and outdoor - compress to make soup).

Ascites - 3-4 cups of tea a day.

Gastrointestinal disease - infusion or powder.

Bronchitis - dye.

Cellulite - a cast decoct or tincture.

Heavy menstruation - bathroom with indoor and decoct tea 2 times a day.

Kidney congestion - infusion or directly applying a compress to the kidney area.

Diarrhea - infusion or powder.

Heart - infusion or powder.

Muscle pain, decoct plagiarizing, or compress.

Inflammatory bowel disease - a solution or infusion.

Edema - infusion or powder. On the surface, compresses placed to make soup. Skin infections, skin rashes - make soup.

Fever - infusion.

Influenza - infusion or tincture.

Drop - internal - infusion or powder and compress the outer decoct.

Hemorrhoids - local compress decoct.

Herpes - internal, infusion or tincture, and the external compresses several times a day. Apply heat.

High blood pressure - infusion.

Insomnia - at night or infusion solution.

Liver failure - infusion or powder.

Poisoning of the infusion or powder.

Leucorrhea, decoct and internal dye bath.

Menopause - especially helps relieve hot flashes.

Fatigue, nervousness - dye.

Wounds - powder or make soup.