Benefits of Rockcap Fern plant

Fern rhizome dry litotritic rockcap cholagogue laxatives. In case of loss of appetite caused by indigestion or within a cause of intestinal parasites tea consumption is recommended nails.

medical plant rockcap In a popular treatment used to eliminate intestinal parasites ferns, which are considered the best remedy to eliminate tapeworms. In this case, the powdered rhizome mixed with honey is used. They take the nails rhizome powder with honey. A tablespoon of powdered rhizome mixed with honey and then divided into 16 doses for adults. For children as young as 13 doses were used. The day before the start of treatment for a cup of milk should be eaten last. On the second day of taking the drug every three minutes, one by one. After being checked to see if tapewarm removed successfully. If not, then the treatment is started again the following week.

Another use of ferns in diseases of the skin: edema foot injury. It is also advisable to make a hot poultice containing decoct nails or nails, because they are good for rheumatism and gout.