Benefits of Roadweed plant

Roadweed medical plant used to treat gastrointestinal diseases and gastroenteritis. This plant is a drug used to treat injuries and respiratory diseases (hoarsening, fireplaces, viral infections, asthma and bronchitis). Consumed as a tea, helps the body to regenerate and restore power weakened. It is recommended for heart disease and urinary tract infections.

Roadweed medical plant as syrup helps cleanse the blood by removing toxins. It can be used to treat insect bites, itching, inflammation and ulceration of varicose veins. Roadweed also be used for topical use in the treatment of herpes, eczema or arthritis.

Gargling with an infusion of the leaves is recommended for diseases of the oral cavity and swelling of the larynx. Factory drop in blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

Leaves forunculosa Roadweed recommended in the case, and applied as poultices.

People who walk long distances can put fresh leaves in his shoes, to prevent fire or you can wash your feet with an infusion mixed with hellebore roadweed and field horsetail.