Benefits of Red Poppy plant

medical plant Red poppy is an annual herbaceous plant with a straight trunk, covered with big hair. Individual red poppy petals, two sepals and four great big shiny red. Parts used in herbal medicine: the petals.

Poppy was brought to Europe in 4000 years before Christ. In 1200 BC, the Greek nature of poppy capsules used in the abdominal part in silence. Large-scale opium grown in the East (especially China and Afghanistan) from the 17th century, when it launched the trend of smoking opium.

Note that the cultivation of opium is now used in two specific objectives:

red_poppy - drugs - morphine from opium is an important drug for the help. In the old days doctors used morphine to put patients to sleep to take the necessary operations. Morphine is now used under medical supervision to calm the patient's disease.

- Like drugs - opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan and China, to guarantee the global market with significant amounts of drugs.