Redcurrant health benefits

The redcurrants medical plant as food consumed before meals are tonic (appetizer) and if consumed after eating they are help the digestive process, being very useful in gastric disorders or insufficiencies. Through diuresis they can help detoxify the body, making them very helpful for arthrosis, rheumatics, gout, etc.

Raw fruits can be consumed in any amount. Wine. For 1 kg fruits place 1.5 kg sugar and 5 l boiled and chilled water. Leave for 30 days for a new fermentation process with an air-tight cork. Dried fruits powder - take a small amount 3 times a day.

red currant medical plant can be used for the following medical conditions: heart conditions, anorexia, arthritis, asthenia, bladder and biliary atonia (including digestive atonia at any level), vitamin deficiency, hepatic cirrhosis, convalescence, skin diseases, biliary dyskinesia, hydropsia, low blood pressure, indigestion, sores of the urinary tract, gravel, obesity, rheumatics, fatigue (wine can also be administered), hepatic and spleen disorders.