Pumpkin plant healthy

Pumpkin medical plant contain the highest therapeutic effect. It helps in removing intestinal parasites, cleanse the blood vessels, adjust the levels of cholesterol and stimulate kidney activity.

In the treatment of cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, or some deep-seated pain, pumpkin seeds have a supporting role.

Oil extracted from pumpkin seeds is recommended to reduce the excess cholesterol. Pumpkin offers protection against heart disease because it contains antioxidants.

Vegetables have a laxative action, and useful in cases of indigestion and constipation. Fried pumpkin is good for those who suffer from heart disease.

Pumpkin juice is indicated for ulcers and high acidity. It should be taken three times a day and a half hour before meals. It is also useful in cases of insomnia, the sedative properties.

Pumpkin medical plant is also indicated in cases of hormonal disorders or behavioral disorders puberty, menopause, intestinal parasites or sexual hyperexcitability. Outdoor use, pumpkins recommended for treatment of burns, inflammation and abscesses. Smooths the skin and reduce inflammation of the mucosa.

In the case of insect bites, mashed pulp poultice can be used. Poultice is changed every day until healing is complete.
A series of moisturizers and wrinkle creams contain medical plant pumpkin also