Privet health benefits (Rhamnus frangula - Rhamnaceae fam.)

Chemical composition from medical plant privet
Franguloside and franguloside, their aglycones, tannic acid, tannoids, waxes, sterols and various minerals.

Pharmaceutical properties:
This is one of the most widely used plants for medicinal effects of laxatives or washing materials. It also has special effects on the specific effects of liver disease in the bladder - which helps to eliminate all toxins. It is a cholagogue and choleretic. Laxatives or washing materials as a function of dose. Laxative effect is manifested in the 10 hours of administration.

Leather was used - took him, drying and grinding, but uses only one year of harvest, if not to give nausea. Care for those suffering from high blood pressure due to excessive use of plants can increase blood pressure.

Fresh skin will also have a strong effect causes nausea and vomiting. This tea is not indicated for long-term care.

Prepare tea one teaspoon of vegetable was placed in 250 ml of water. Boil for 10 minutes and strain. It has a strong laxative effect is felt 8 hours from the time the tea was drunk. In large doses it has the effect of cleaning materials. External tea light or just a teaspoon of tea that is ready for use at the end of the wound.

privet medical plant can be used for the following medical conditions: angiocolitis, chronic skin diseases, including chronic constipation, biliary dyskinesia, favus, hemorrhoids, both internally, ensuring a laxative effect and external, with a powder to be mixed with any perfume. Liver failure. Obesity contributes to counter medications are. A variety of digestive parasitosis, skin rashes, scabies, skin ulceration.

If you want quick action, the color can be done, a section of land plants and 5 parts of alcohol at 70 ° C digestion. Shaking continued for 15 days and then often stress. It should be used according to the desired effect. Take 5 drops - 1 teaspoon, diluted with water. It has to be used only if necessary.

Attention! Do not drink large quantities as stomach pains and causes the liquid manure. Do not consume fresh plant material, as it causes nausea and vomiting, use only a year after harvest.