Peach advantage

peach medical plant assembly part with water, dried, sugar, acidity, protein substances, pectic substances, minerals (P, K, Mg, Fe), cellulose, vitamin C and other vitamins: P, PP, E, B1, B2, B9 . This property offers peach hypertension. It can stimulate the secretion of stomach and digestive aids.

medical plant Peaches are recommended for acute, contagious disease. It is recommended to reduce blood cholesterol to prevent heart disease, kidney and anemia. Peaches used in abdominal cramps and rheumatic diseases. As tea is recommended to cough.

medical plant Peach recommended diet for healing, for the advanced state of fatigue or depression. Load and regenerated by energy reserves containing sugar and carbohydrate rich. Due to the fact that they contain phosphorus, peaches recommended in neurosis, the protection of nerve cells.

Vitamins A, B1 and B2 are essential to balance the nervous system, which achieved the synthesis of hemoglobin, magnesium in the body to maintain and strengthen natural immunity.

Peach eaten in the morning at breakfast time regular bowel function and liver, to maintain blood alkalization asssimilation support, and nutrition. Regular consumption of peaches is recommended for people with urolithiasis, as well as for those who want to increase your urine output.

Peaches feed and regenerate skin tissue. If a face lotion with peach juice, skin can provide a coherent look.

Regardless of the quality of the therapeutic,medical plant peaches can be used in a variety of weight-loss diet. In the skin of a very ripe peaches, at least 10 elements that enabled the mysterious substance that destroys the layer of fat, which is why the diet peach effective.